Hey everyone in this video i have explained in more detail that how you can resolve video stuttering on your amazon firetv stick and Kodi 17 and 17.1 buffering issue and in more detail like how you can also maintain your KODI to get best out of it. i have also talked about KODI HQ scaler to help LOW-end device like amazon fire tv stick & old android tv boxes.

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i have also used areswizard to helping creating advancesettings.xml file ares advance setting wizard is awesome and easy to use.

KODI Wiki for Cache : …

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    • Naresh, I second Phil Jenner statement…you are a “Legend”, this is the only fix that Truly fix’s buffering. I am so happy I am trembling. Thank You

    • @Naresh Lal I love how this is the only comment you have replied to but others that have commented with issues concerning your tutorial, you ignore completely

  1. I tried to follow th steps however in my install LEia 18.1 I cannot change Render Method. It is locked on Auto Detect. I have a NVidia box. Do you know how to change it?

  2. One thing I can follow is my way around a computer, programs, etc., however, this is a continued failed installation. Also, there is no way for me to change my settings to Software mode. It won’t highlight (stays in auto-update)

  3. Wow what a difference. I installed Kodi 18.1 and wow no more buffering. In order for this to work, you must download 18.1. Don’t try it with 17 Kodi.

    • Works on Kodi 18.2 Nebula as well. The render is not changeable, don’t be concerned. The inputstream adaptive is on Kodi main menu Add-on click it, scroll down to my Add-on click it, scroll over to inputplayer click it, highlight inputstream adaptive click it, click enable if not clicked. Back out to Kodi main menu, that’s all.
      I have better success with Ares wizard, one nation portal very poor for buffering issue.

  4. Listen up people, all these videos teaching people how to make kodi stop from buffering, has nothing to do with the actual performance of the program, you all need to think about how the program works in the first place, every single piece of software, whether its: steam, google chrome, firefox, safari, how are we able to access any information on them? its the servers guys, and if a server is overloaded with too many people connecting to it at once its going slow down, no matter what we try to do, i also get the same issues with kodi too, now the reason why they have to keep the repositories up to date is so that we can continue to gain access to the servers so that we can continue to watch our tv shows, movies and live tv. right now i’m still using kodi version 17 and i can still watch all the latest movies because its not the version of kodi that matters, its the configuration and compatibility of the repositories that we install.

    • zulu67

      What about cinema free and other aps? Do they have any tweaks you know about to make them faster?

      I have great internet and a firstick (2019 version)


  5. Input stream adaptive says update available but the update fails every time I try. Also, rtmp install fails every time I try. Please help!!

  6. I watched your video and then I looked at the comments alot of people are asking you questions yet you have not answered one of them..not the way to go… subscription ended

    • Would you answer multiple people that ask info that’s clearly is already answered in the video?? Or answer each and everyone day in day out with 80K subs and hundreds of notifications a day?? Appreciate the time and effort he already gives his subs, by taking the time to even make a video for the people. And why blame him for your own LAZYNESS, is it that difficult or hard to do a simple google search and get a answer yourself…. 🙂 🙂 Bye bye


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