Just a quick tutorial on how to setup OSMC/KODI on your new Raspberry Pi 3! OSMC is built on KODI so everything that will work in KODI, will work on OSMC.

Things you’ll need:
Raspberry Pi (any flavor)
MicroSd Card
HDMI cable
Power Adapter (or USB cable)
Some sort of input device. I really like this keyboard:

for OSMC specific questions!

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    • OSMC has more expandability if you will. There’s a lot more underneath the front end so it should be able to be expanded on more as far as add ins are concerned. OPENELEC and LIBRELEC are more lightweight but for most users, they’ll run into brick walls as far as ease of expansion and everything else is concerned. At least that’s my take on it having used all three.

  1. Woa. Well, looks like Raspberry Pi 3 is going the way of dinosaur. KODI has had it’s problems (gee thanks). They are now up to version 17.3, because of all the security holes in previous versions. ONE LITTLE problem. There is NO version of KODI 17.3 that runs with a Raspberry Pi3. If you use any of the platforms, like OSMC, they all install KODI 17.1 by default. There is nothing I can do? I tried “NOOB”, but all its platforms use 17.1 and a lot of them do a recovery, which changes a 32 GIG SSD into a 1.5 GIG chip. Don’t believe me, use NOOB and let me know how you make out. So…..ALL the TROLLS on YouTUbe now just talk about Android boxes. It way easier to use. So, It looks like I just wasted $60. AM I WRONG? Then correct me. How do I get 17.3 into OSMC. Thanks.

    • The OSMC community is open source and tweaked all the time. Many of the issues plaguing Kodi are patched with direct updates from OSMC devs. Check out their forums for more info. As for the 32gb storage and NOOBs, I’m not sure but I can look into that.

  2. Hi I recently installed osmc using ur guide but when trying to install add ons going through add source than typing in the URL and finally when trying to install from zip it keeps failing, any ideas?

  3. Public IP address != Local IP address, there is no risk of showing your local IP address because that is internal…

    • Very valid point. If I put in wireless I’d be showing my network SSID and could blur the password but I’m trying to be as secure as possible. Plus, you can’t win either way as a content creator. People will comment about how you shouldn’t show ANY of your network settings including SSID or you’ll get others commenting how it doesn’t matter. I’m with you, it really doesn’t matter to show that but with the vocal presence on here, I just decided to keep it out and run it wired.

  4. was your pi connected to your pc or did you have a sd card adapter with the sd card just connected to the pc here?

  5. If during setup OSMC isn’t able to see my device, why is it? Is it because I have an SD card that isn’t supported?


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