How to install Phoenix addon on Kodi


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This video shows how to install Phoenix on Kodi, You need Fusion installer.
This addon is great for movies and Sports. Very good addon after Mashup.


  1. Have you got any idea why I can only see one channel (The NHL one) after I’ve installed this? Demon88, Woody, TNPB etc aren’t showing up.

  2. When I put in the fusion.tvaddons thing, something popped up and said couldn’t retrieved dictionary information. Network not connected ..I’m lost

    • +Shane Hudd Hopefully, Pheonix is part of this package including a few other popular channels. So if your being sarcastic thats pretty lame as if your stuck and need help, ask and I will give you guidance. Im all over the best links for Kodi and the link in this video simply doesn’t work for me, however the one I posted has a number of additional channel.

  3. When I click on video addons, it comes up with nothing. Just the background and the box with the blue arrow and line.

    Any ideas??

  4. Installing was easy. Thank u.
    However when I go to -entertainment- & try a tv network channel, nothing happens or says “Phoenix unplayable stream”. Can you help please, thank u

  5. Please help me. I followed your procedure and when it comes to the install I just get a error and it won’t install. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks

  6. Hi, I do all stapes but at the end I got a error message ” add on installer error check the log for more information’s ” What that means?


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